Training for Inclusion

Wide Open Voices deliver bespoke training programmes for you and your staff as part of a wider strategy for inclusion. Our training programmes focus on inclusive leadership but can focus on specific areas of inclusion and/or business functions, such as –

  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Inclusive Staff Management
  • Inclusive Team Management
  • Inclusive Team Working
  • Inclusive Strategy and Business Planning
  • Inclusive Sales and Marketing
  • Inclusive Procurement
  • Unconscious Bias and Beyond – race, gender, class, faith, sexuality, disablities and more

However, we believe that these training programmes need to be designed to meet the vision of your company. Rather than offering generic ‘Unconscious Bias’ or ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ training, Wide Open Voices will develop tailored training programmes through working with you to identify the needs of your company in achieving true inclusion.

  • Confidential Space Sessions

We recognise that issues around inclusion, diversity, privilege and biases can be difficult and thorny to engage with. They often require difficult reflections and difficult conversations. Yet, often, we feel inhibited and restricted in expressing ideas and thoughts and asking certain questions because of the social pressure not to appear discriminatory in any way. Not being able to express or discuss these aspects can make the process more difficult and can even result in resentment and resistance from those who need to go on that journey. Thus, to embed a truly inclusive culture into an organisation, the provision of these confidential spaces is recommended.

To provide a support mechanism, we can deliver confidential space sessions to individuals or groups during which people can feel free to express their thoughts, ideas, questions and difficulties without fear of censure, judgement or criticism. These spaces are not necessarily linked to specific work outputs, although they can be, but are designed to create safe opportunities for general discussions. They would be facilitated by a member of Wide Open Voices staff who can support the process of inquiry that attendees are going through in a positive and supportive manner.

Please, contact us at about developing and designing your training programmes.