Talks and workshop

I offer talks and workshops that seek to raise awareness about the issues that affect inequality within the workplace and in wider society. These can be delivered internally to staff or be a part of your external facing work with the public. Topics are explored in a manner designed to raise awareness of how identity dynamics work to create inequality in society, and how individuals, groups, and organisations can work to disrupt these dynamics.

My talks and workshops are challenging and will make some people feel uncomfortable, but they are designed to be thought provoking and equip people to take actions to create equitably inclusive spaces and interactions.



  • An Introduction to Whiteness – What it is, where it comes from, and how it works
  • Blamelessly Racist – Unconscious Bias and the New Normal
  • Privilege and its ‘Unearned Benefits’ – What is ‘privilege’, how and why people are privileged, and its structural and psychological factors
  • The Secret Lives of White, Middle-class Men – Shining a light on those at the locus of power and intersectional privilege
  • Black Lives Matter and #MeToo – Disrupting the power of ‘normal’
  • The Undercover Men – Maintaining the Patriarchy, Masculinity, and Masculine Privilege in disguise
  • Middle-class Exceptionalism – The Unexamined God of Inequity
  • What About the Working-Class? How class has been racialised to maintain White, middle-class privilege.



  • Disrupting Whiteness Workshops – Engage in the development of approaches to disrupting Whiteness and its affinity and prejudiced biases.
  • Privilege Identity Exploration Workshops – Engage in collaborative dialogue about privilege and develop equitable responses to negating its effects
  • Social Identities and Divisions Workshops – What are social identities and how are divisions created and sustained
  • Equitable Inclusion Workshops – Non-standard Inclusive Leadership training with a focus on equity for staff at all levels.

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