Staff Training

Equip your staff for equality and inclusion with high quality training
Equip your staff for equality and inclusion

Whilst inclusive leadership is key, your staff are the engine of your inclusion efforts. Wide Open Voices’ four-workshop staff training programmes for equality and inclusion co-create with participants a safe environment in which they can explore and question the identity dynamics around advantage and disadvantage in your organisation.

Delivered in a collaborative, interactive, and dialogic style, they are specifically designed to provide participants with the critical thinking, planning, and implementation skills for equity and inclusion that they will apply in their day-to-day work. Our training programmes are challenging but the topics are explored in a manner designed to facilitiate learning and equip organisations and individuals to take actions to create equitably inclusive woprkplaces and interactions.

All our Staff Training programmes for equality and inclusion are rooted in doctoral research but are also informed by real world applications of Paulo Friere‘s theories of Critical Consciousness that have proven to result in self-effected change by the participants. By equipping your staff with critical consciousness skills you will be equipping your organisation not simply to continually evolve, live, and breath an ethos of inclusion that brings with it an array of business benefits but also with the critical thinking skills that staff can apply to improve all areas of their work.

Critical Consciousness Training Programmes

  • Disrupting Whiteness and White Privilege
  • Disrupting Gender Inequality.
  • Disrupting the ‘Class’ Divide
  • Disrupting Intersectional Privilege
  • Social Identities and Divisions Workshops – What are social identities and how are divisions created and sustained

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