With a passion for discovery and learning, we help companies and other organisations make the right decisions by bringing their people into the heart of the business. We help companies develop an inclusive organisational culture through intelligent and insightful research. Academically trained to Doctoral level, our researchers employ a range of research methods that will shine a light on both the barriers to and the exemplars of inclusive culture within your company.

With specialisms in researching identity and social dynamics, our researchers are the experts you need to provide you with the knowledge you require to create an inclusive organisational culture

We value long-term partnerships. We live, breathe and cherish our core brand values and discovering new knowledge, and enjoy working with like-minded clients and partners who want to deploy new insights and ideas, and put their people at the heart of their business strategy and plans.

Inclusive Culture Research – using a combination of surveys, focus groups and observation techniques to triangulate data, this research can be applied to the whole company, specific departments or to specific inclusion problems. Working with you, we can reveal mission critical knowledge through research into –

  • Your company to gain a complete picture of its cultural dynamics and understand how to optimise effectiveness.
  • Your senior management team to understand how to clear blockages to dynamic, inclusive strategic thinking.
  • Your Marketing and Sales departments to understand how and where thinking might be a barrier to a diverse customer base.
  • Your HR and recruitment practices to understand why your new recruits are too uniform in their identity characteristics
  • Departments and teams where the team make-up is homogeneous to understand why and what is preventing a diverse and inclusive workforce from developing.
  • Departments and teams where there is the highest turnover of staff, or the highest number of grievances to understand what is going wrong.
  • Your staff to understand their levels of satisfaction in the workplace
  • Your supply-chain to understand how to be an inclusive purchaser
  • Your stakeholders to understand how to be fully inclusive of them

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