Data and Analytics

The research, data and analytics element of the Wide Open Voices model for equitable inclusion - understand

We know from the research that diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisations perform better than companies that aren’t. We also know that diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisations are likely to be more resilient, adaptable, and flexible in a rapidly changing world (McKinsey and Company, 2020). Whilst Inclusive Leadership is key in creating organisations like these, understanding the barriers to inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces is fundamental to ensuring a successful and sustainable organisation for the long-term.

Wide Open Voices will work with your leadership team to explore your business context and build an understanding of your drivers for inclusion. From this we will collaboratively define your inclusion goals and build a dialogue of inclusion across the leadership team.

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel and so working with your existing staff surveys we will draw out essential information about whether your staff feel included or excluded, and where they feel the barriers exist to their progression, their psychological safety, and their sense of belonging within your organisation. Drawing on this data, we will conduct focus groups to develop a deeper understanding on the dynamics at play.

Using this combination of surveys, focus groups and dialogue across your leadership team, we will create a picture of your organisation that is critical for the development of an effective and impactful inclusion strategy.

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