Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Leadership, your leadership, is critical in creating an inclusive environment in which all staff thrive, and your company reaps the financial, social and reputational rewards that this brings.

Wide Open Voices’ Inclusive Leadership Coaching is provided by myself, Matt Jacobs, Director of Wide Open Voices. I will support you in becoming such an inclusive leader. Moving beyond discussions on unconscious bias, I will work directly with you to free thinking, develop a ‘diversity of thought’ for leadership, and find solutions to the complex problems and pressures of delivering inclusive leadership and leading inclusive companies.

As your personal inclusive leadership coach, I bring 20 years experience of working directly on inclusion and equality as well as Doctoral level academic training in sociology to your table. I offer you a sounding board for your thoughts, a critical friend with whom to work through the problems of being a leader, and a unique level of experience and academic knowledge to aid your thinking and personal development. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space within which to discuss inclusion related issues that are often deemed to be too ‘sensitive’ to discuss openly and will support you in developing solutions and approaches to being an effective inclusive leader. Contact me personally at for an opening conversation about one to one coaching.

One to One Coaching – taking you out of the maelstrom of the office and into a relaxed environment, our coaching programme is designed to be both supportive and challenging; challenging to develop diversity of thought in yourself and supportive in assisting you to deal with the thorny issues of inclusion.

The 10 x 2-hour sessions, delivered over 6 months, will provide a safe and confidential space to explore the difficulties you face in leading a truly inclusive organisation. I will support you in creating solutions that will make a lasting, positive difference to you personally, and to the organisation you lead.

Inclusive Leadership Retreats – designed for CEOs, COOs and CFOs and Directors, these two-day retreats in rural Devon offer you the chance to meet with other leaders to discuss the issues of culture change and inclusion within your organisations. The interactive sessions will focus on exchanging experiences, lessons learned and solving problems of inclusion. Expert business psychologist Dr Nelisha Wickremasinghe, Director of The Dialogue Space and author of Beyond Threat, will run sessions on personal and systems resilience and hidden motives and the emergent unconscious. Featuring international guest experts on inclusion, who will join you in conversation and problem solving, the retreats are relaxed, creative and empowering experiences in inclusive leadership and personal well-being.

At Wide Open Voices, we also offer inclusive leadership sessions for your whole leadership team.

Inclusive Leadership Board meetings – A two hour Board Meeting during which we will work with Board members to develop inclusive thinking and begin to identify opportunities to deliver inclusive leadership. This session includes engaging and interactive elements that will develop your awareness of yourself as an inclusive leader and techniques for maintaining your own inclusive behaviours.

Strategies for Inclusion – A two hour Board or Senior Management session during which we will work with you in identifying organisational blockages to inclusion and begin to develop strategies, plans, KPIs and measures to deliver and manage the development of your company as an inclusive company

Inclusive Leadership Seminars – designed with the busy senior management team in mind, these seminars re-locate your leadership team to a rural idyll to begin to free minds from the thinking constraints applied by a busy office. Run over a full day, the seminars feature a range of discussions, workshop sessions, and leadership tasks that will diversify your team’s thinking and generate inclusive strategic thinking that will improve the leadership and management within your company

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