What We Do

Wide Open Voices knows that for leaders, managers, and for many members of staff, it often feels difficult to talk about, plan for, and implement effective inclusion programmes.

Inclusion is a complex subject that incorporates people’s sense of self and their differing beliefs, values, and feelings. It is a subject in which emotions often run high. It is also a subject that requires strategic and operational planning, appropriate KPIs, executive coaching and staff training to be effectively achieved. The complexities involved can cause organisations to seize-up in their efforts to be inclusive.

The Wide Open Voice approach follows an empirically proven model drawn from academic research. This model begins with understanding the context and moves through planning, coaching, and training to develop leaders and staff who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to build equitably inclusive organisations in a sustainable manner.

The Wide Open Voices Model for Equitable Inclusion: Understand Plan Support Equip - research, planning, coaching, training
The Wide Open Voices Model for Equitable Inclusion

How We Deliver the Model

The following services can be delivered independently of each other but they work best as part of a whole organisation approach.

Understand: Data and Analytics – Undertaking research with your organisation to reveal mission critical knowledge and develop equitable inclusion strategies.

Plan: Strategy Development – Drawing on our research with you and your staff, we will work with you to develop a robust inclusion strategy, including appropriate metrics and KPIs.

Support: Difficult Dialogues – ‘Safe’ but challenging 1-1 or group coaching/mentoring sessions for C-Suite Executives and Managers to support the ongoing implementation of your inclusion strategy or for the ongoing growth and development for executives to support them to achieve their inclusive leadership ambitions.

Equip: Staff Training – Programmes of four workshops designed to provide participants with the critical thinking, planning, and implementation skills that staff will apply in their day-to-day work and equip organisations to take actions to create equitably inclusive spaces and interactions

Wide Open Voices also offers Voluntary and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Organisational Development Services that draw on our founders 25 years experience of working across the sector. These include support with business planning, organisational development, and strategies for sustainability, growth, and impact.

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