Wide Open Voices is not just a company. It is also a principle; a principle that everyone’s voice is important; that we all have a right to speak and to be heard exactly as we are. It is also a principle that acknowledges that many voices are marginalised and silenced while other voices, such as mine and those of people like me, are privileged over them. The unearned ‘Privileges’ afforded to some in society because of the colour of our skin, our gender, our sexuality, not being disabled by society, our legal status, our post code, the size of our bank balance, the prophets of our faith, and the names of our parents underpin discrimination and inequity in Britain.

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My name is Matt Jacobs. I am a writer, researcher, talker, and management and strategy freelancer. Across the work that I do through Wide Open Voices, I combine 25 years’ experience of front-line and senior management experience in the voluntary and public sectors with an MSc in Ethnicity and Multiculturalism and a PhD in Sociology that explores everyday power and privilege at the intersection of race, gender, and class. Please, visit my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed account of my experience

I work with private, public, and voluntary sector organisations who have a belief in social justice and equity. As a matter of principle, I will charge larger organisations a higher rate so that I can subsidise the work I do with smaller organisations.

My offer falls into four areas of work

Talks and Workshops – on identity, privilege, and disrupting inequity

Research – Organisational Cultures for Equity; and Knowledge as Power for Small Organisations

Voluntary and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Organisational Development Services – sustainability, growth, and impact

Difficult Dialogues – Challenging confidential 1-1 or group discussions exploring issues of privilege, inequity, diversity and inclusion

Contact me at matt@wideopenvoices.com