Leadership Coaching

In the context of the complex, knowledge based, relational and dynamic global economies of today in which staff, stakeholders, and customers are demanding a more ethical and values-based way of doing business, leading is a process in which change and uncertainty are ever present. It is a context that demands leaders are not only business savvy, strategically entrepreneurial, and highly adaptable but also authentic, self-aware, values driven, socially responsible, and culturally connected global leaders.

At the heart of this new leadership sit the principles and practices of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This is because EDI is about how we see ourselves and others. It is about culture. It is about meaning and values. It is about attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. It is about ethics, morals, and power. It is about how we choose authentic ways of being in the world and how these ways of being impact on others, positively or negatively. It is about how leaders lead.

For many leaders, alongside the change and uncertainty of the business context, EDI adds yet more change and uncertainty. However, this often feels more personal, as it demands that we change our ways of being in the world. This demand for change can feel like an existential threat and often elicits fear and anxiety because it is unknown what an equitable and inclusive future may hold for our ways of being, or for our place in society. It can also create fear and anxiety because if we get it wrong the critiques seem to be ones that categorise us as racist or sexist, etc and carry with them the threat of social and professional ostracization.

Synthesizing sociological research with existential philosophy and leadership theory, my leadership coaching provides the space and opportunity for leaders to explore the uncertainties they face, their ways of being and their ways of leading, and develop these to meet leadership needs in the complex, values-driven and ethical business context of today whilst remaining authentic and true to themselves.

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