Executive Coaching

The support element of the Wide Open Voices model for equitable inclusion - executive coaching

Wide Open Voices knows that leading on and delivering inclusion is fraught with problems. Our Difficult Dialogues Executive Coaching programme is designed to create confidential spaces in which C-Suite executives and leadership teams can express and discuss any perspectives, questions, and concerns they have about inclusion without fear of recrimination or reproach. They are though, spaces in which participants will be challenged to think critically about their own opinions and about the inclusion dynamics in the workplace.

If you are an HR Manager, a programme of Difficult Dialogue Coaching sessions for C-Suite executives and leadership teams will work to embed inclusive leadrship practices into your organisation.

All our Difficult Dialogue Coaching sessions are delivered by our Founder and Director, Dr Matt Jacobs PhD, FRSA. Difficult Dialogue Coaching sessions are delivered with on a 1-1 basis, or as group sessions. The aim of these sessions is for the participants to come together with the coach to explore any issues they are facing regarding inclusion and develop solutions to take back into their areas of responsibility.

These sessions can be used to support the ongoing implementation of your inclusion strategy, or they can be used for ongoing, general coaching on issues to do with inclusion. Alternatively, they can be used for growth and development for executives to support them to achieve their inclusive leadership ambitions.

For leaders and/or managers in an organisation, over a series of informal but confidential conversations, we can contextualise what you think, develop your critical consciousness, and start a process of exploration into your worldview and how it might be conditioned to be prejudicial. We use robust social research methodologies to explore these issues with you and develop a process of dialogue between yourself and your worldview that, whilst difficult, is ultimately a benficial process of learning and personal development that will improve your leadership, your management, and your life outside of work as well.

Equally, if you want to have honest, confidential conversations with someone about any issues, thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc, that you have about equality, diversity, inclusion, and cultural dynamics, well, let’s talk. Matt won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear but he will challenge you to think differently and be a better leader.

To find out more contact me at matt@wideopenvoices.com