Leadership Analysis

We know that the rapidly changing business context of today is complex, knowledge based, relational and global. Crucially, at the same time, staff, stakeholders, and customers are demanding a more ethical and vales-based way of doing business. Today, leaders have to be flexible, adaptable, self-aware, socially responsible, and culturally connected global leaders. They need to be able to respond rapidly to dynamic changes, whilst also building and maintaining business cultures and practices that are equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable.

Understanding a leadership team’s perception of and engagement with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is fundamental to developing effective leadership in this emerging business paradigm and, crucially, in creating values-based organisational cultures and practices that are equitable, inclusive and psychologically safe for everyone.

Through Wide Open Voices, I engage leadership team members in 1-1 conversations on leadership and EDI to build an understanding of the drivers for and barriers to inclusion in the business. After underaking an analysis of these conversations, I discuss the findings with the leadership team to build a dialogue on EDI and define the strategic leadership goals for developing appropriate business cultures and practices.

From this work, I produce a report on your organisation’s leadership and cultural drivers around EDI and provide recommendations for the developing an effective and impactful inclusion strategy.