Wide Open Voices offers tailored individual and team inclusive leadership coaching, and in-depth research services to uncover the critical knowledge for creating truly inclusive companies.

Our philosophy is to use knowledge and learning to make changes for the better, whether that be to products and services, to organisational dynamics, or to society in general.

Rooted in the 20 years of both front-line and senior management experience of our Director, Matt Jacobs, MSc, coupled with his formal academic training and his extensive links into the innovative thought community of academia, Wide Open Voices offers businesses and organisations a unique set of skills and experiences.

IMG_4649Matt is currently undertaking PhD research on how White British middle-class men perform their identities in different settings with a view to better understanding how race, gender and class affect social dynamics. Prior to starting his PhD, Matt completed an MSc with Distinction in Ethnicity and Multiculturalism.

In his professional career, Matt spent 8 years working in the music industry before switching to working on equality and inclusion in both the public and voluntary sectors for 20 years.