Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is a human condition. It is about how we see ourselves and others. It is about culture. It is about meaning and values. It is about attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. It is about ethics, morals, and power. It is about how we choose ways of being in the world and how these ways of being impact on others, positively or negatively.

EDI is also about freedom, choice, and responsibility. It is about the freedom to choose authentic and meaningful ways of being in the world. This is, though, a freedom severely restricted for many people in organisations across society and, indeed, in society in general. EDI, then, is about developing cultures of equitable inclusion in which everyone has the freedom to choose and live authentic and meaningful ways of being without fear of censure, discrimination, or exclusion.

EDI is not just about how people are treated though. The principles and approaches involved in creating equitable and inclusive businesses also underpin the necessary leadership approaches required in the emerging complex, knowledge driven, relationally based, global business context of today. They are principles that develop the flexible, adaptable, self-aware, socially responsible, and culturally connected global leaders this context demands for business success.

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What We Do

I work with leaders and senior executives to explore ways of being and ways of leading to develop authentic and meaningful equitably inclusive cultures within organisations. In tandem, this builds the leadership capabilities required for success in today’s marketplace, in which staff, stakeholders, and customers are demanding a more ethical and vales-based way of doing business .

My offer through Wide Open Voices falls into three areas of work –

Leadership Analysis – Undertaking qualitative research with leadership teams to gain a deep understanding of their engagement with and leadership on EDI.

Leadership Coaching – Confidential but challenging 1-1 or group coaching or mentoring sessions for leadership teams to support the ongoing development of meaningful and authentic leadership on EDI.

Strategy Development – Drawing on the findings from the leadership analysis with your leadership team we will produce a set of recommendations and consultancy support with the development of an EDI Strategy.

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