Wide Open Voices is not just a company. It is also a principle; a principle that everyone has a right to speak and to be heard as their complete and fullest self.

It is a principle that acknowledges that many voices and identities are marginalised and silenced while others are privileged over them.

It is a principle that understands that people are discriminated against and disadvantaged because other people are Privileged by the systems, structures, and culture of the society we live in

Wide Open Voices sits within the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) space. At the core of our approach is a focus on identity, on how and why we see ourselves and others in the ways that we do, and how these dynamics play out across society.

Using methods and tools developed and tested in Sociology Doctoral research programmes, Wide Open Voices takes a whole organisation approach to support businesses and their leaders to not only become truly equitable and inclusive but also to effect real change in the world.

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What We Do

Wide Open Voices’ offer falls into four areas of work

Talks and Workshops – that raise awareness about the issues that create inclusion and exclusion and equip organisations to take actions to create equitably inclusive spaces and interactions.

Difficult Dialogues – Challenging, confidential 1-1 coaching, mentoring and group discussions exploring issues of privilege, inequity, diversity, and inclusion for leaders and managers

Research and Strategy – Undertaking research into organisation cultures to reveal mission critical knowledge and develop equitable inclusion strategies

Voluntary and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Organisational Development Services – Planning and strategies for sustainability, growth, and impact.

Research services to develop knowledge as power for VCSE/Not-for-Profit Organisations .

Contact me at matt@wideopenvoices.com

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“Matt Jacobs of Wide Open Voices has made a significant contribution to Barnardo’s endeavours to become an anti-racist organisation. He set out an important context to the phenomena of Whiteness and its relationship to power and privilege. This provided a necessary focus on the need for people racialised as White to embark on their own realisations of what it means to be who they are in today’s world where power and inequality are still determined on colour lines. His presentation was honest, informative and was a great contribution to the seeds of transformation necessary to move forward on our anti-racist journey.”

Jendayi Serwah
Strategic Advisor – Equality Diversity & Inclusion (Race & Faith Lead)
Barnardos Wales, Southwest and Central England
National Chair – Race Equality Network

“Matt has delivered a number of talks now for various training programmes and events that we have run. Each time he has provided insightful and thought-provoking explorations of Whiteness and privilege. His content is well researched and gives practical thoughts and examples as well as ideas on action that can be taken. His presentations are well structured and his level of knowledge in this area makes for challenging and important dialogue during discussion/Q&A. We have really valued Matt’s input into our staff learning and development programmes and have received positive feedback from staff who have attended. We look forward to working with Matt again in the future.”

Staff Inclusion Team, University of Bristol

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